Saturday, May 29, 2010

Same Fambly

Had fun drawign these peeps today, they're all from the same fambly. :) I'm pretty happy with them, I think i got a good likeness, I was trying to break free from the old "stamp" :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Twilight! OMG!

Inspired by Mr. Urzua's drawing

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fry's gig Day 2

Well everybody at Fry's knows me now. It's been one of the funnest and busiest gigs I've done, the employees totally love it and lines get HUGE! I think it's funny how I'm always drawing at random places in the store.. lol. Well day two at Fry's went great, definitely made up for the day before in LA. The Manager, Milam, is awesome and I might be doing their employee picnic as well. yay! I handed out SO MANY cards too!

There was a few odd but not really odd requests like: caricatures from glamour pics O_o, printed photos, 5 wiggly kids in one shot...I guess not so different from the park but weird that you still get that at gigs!
Anyway had lots of fun!
hope you like the drowrings!

Pasadena Gig Saturday 15th

Well this is the second time I do this LONG gig, it's up in LA and it's a medieval themed fair for the kids. Well, anyway, normally this is a fun gig except that this time I had a guy next to me being very annoying.
you know the typical jerk at work that thinks he can do this too and asks you what you do, well there was one there and this one won the trophy for MOST ANNOYING JERK. He asked if he could film billy and me doing a caricature, well we said yes coz it's normal for us for ppl to do that, well this guy decided to film EVERY sketch we did, at first it was the both of us, then when he decided he liked my sketch, just me (ugh). well he held his stupid iPhone next to my face literally 2 inches away from my face every time I drew something, I was really irritated the Entire gig because of him. He even dared to say he was "learning how to do caricatures" when ppl asked him what he was doing. I have never wanted to hurt anybody more than this guy in my entire life. Luckily his battery died...towards the end of the gig. OH! he also asked me if I could teach him how to do "that". bitch! guess whose e-mail I'm spamming when i get it??!

enuff of that! I just had to get it out of my chest even tho Billy and I already talked so much crap about him. So what did we learn: give ppl their personal space WHEN THEY ARE WORKING!!

BTW this ...guy... was wearing a spongebob t-shirt. really ******?!

haha so enjoy the caricaures! :)