Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Amusement Parks are OSM!

a very OSM find at Universal Studios
Clone Troopers shopping at castle...
this is what happens when u leave wendy and I at the office alone...
LMAO, i forgot i had this, this is obviously from Legoland
HAHA, does this make u stop or what??!
a pterodactyl!
ok this one is not from an amusement park but a good find none the less
how inappropriate!, sending horny messages on the sky over Legoland
love these!
Disney! I knew they had to have something!
Lego find! and a good one that is...
i wish aquazone had big umbrellas like that, lol wtf! really, lady??!
jedi invading the break area...
lol omg i saw this happen!, OSM way to start the day!

Legoland Sometimes Tries

all the foos at werk as super heroes
some chicks that were flirting with me and i gladly returned the flirtyness
I see these kids a lot at Legoland and i just asked them to sit down for a demo, I'll get them one of these days....
another ancient drawing
old old drawing

gig, prom where 90% of the kids were Asian and surprisingly the rest were Hispanic, so weird! but one of the most fun gigs I've done
girl is meh, guy is AH!
guy is meh girl is aight
she was a bit surprised, i was happy


Capt. Justice aka Matt
Me Once more
Jenneh n Jonnatthon

The Zone,,,

T_T , it no longer looks cool...
I always had Star Wars Shnit Up
yoda kid!
I loved my inappropriate signs, ppl dug them tho
it really was an OSM-money making booth, was...
what it used to look like, when it was cool...
After I took over, twas OSM!
Aquazone back then, qhen it used to be a cart, miss it!

Line-Up Madness

Me: "Hey guys, where did u find that drawing?"
Lady : "It's ours, we found it"
Me: "Sorry guys, somebody must have taken it and dropped it, but it actually belongs to us, its part fo our display (pointing to the mat it belong to, it was just matted then)"
Lady: "Well IT"S OURS, WE bought it!"
(she changes the story first the finds it then she buys it, lol)
Me; "Ok, well do you mind if I see the receipt, because i drew that picture and i cant remember you as my customer. (btw they are carrying the drawing WITHOUT A BAG!!, that right there means they are lying, so Im pretty pissed coz i know they are lying but I decide to go along with this coz it's fun fucking with ppl when you know you are right) lol"
Lady: " I dont have it, you know what, I wanna talk to your supervisor"
Me: "yeah sure. BTW, He will ask for your receipt as well and proof of purchase, and you dont even have one of our bags for it"
Lady: "Just give him the drawing, Let's go!"
Me: *Victory Face*

Legoland 1, Stooopid Ppl 0
One of my favorite Line-ups, fast food, which i hate but I love drawing
werk ppl, guess who
Lego Head line up record : 8 Lego Heads together
8 Heads = $25 each
Frame= $50
ripping ppl off by charging $25 for a Lego Head = priceless
My newest addition, M&M heads!

Another Lego Record, 11 BABIES! on one line-up, mostly from pictures but still hard as hell to do, not particularly well planned, but cant say i had much experence drawing 11 ppl together...
celeb line up
Lego Heads!!
Line Up for Coby RIP, just the foos from werk